I collect Associated/Tydol/Flying A Calendar Cards... Because of their small size and shapes; they were stuck away in a drawer.

To be honest, the Cards were not being enjoyed while stuck in the drawer!

Well,I finally found a way to display them. (most of them, anyway)

The Cards are from Calendar Years 1948 to 1962 (a couple of the Cards are from the same Year, one being Associated, the other Tydol) and are not in order of Year... I like the graphics on the Cards and that some are Horizontal and others Vertical...

The Picture frame was a closeout item. I used small dabs of clear silicone that will not harm the laminated Cards, to mount the Cards to the backing paper so they would not move and/or slip... Like me, my display is not perfect! But, I do believe that like me; the display is somewhat interesting and a novelty.....
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