Hey folks,

I'm looking at buying this 6' double sided porcelain Gulf sign. I was hoping to get a better idea of value. It's in nice condition but as you can see from the one picture, the orange area looks to have been repainted/touched up. The brush strokes look pretty obvious. I believe it has been done on the top third of the sign (orange section) on both sides. In the other picture you'll see there is also an area on the bottom third (orange section) on one side of the sign that has some sort of blemish. It doesn't seem to wipe off.

Great sign but I'm not sure how much these issues affect value. If a lowly picker such as myself were to acquire it, what do you think the flip value of it would be?

Gulf Sign 1A.jpgGulf Sign 2A.jpgGulf Sign 3A.jpgGulf Sign 4A.jpg