Here is some information for collectors buying the Canadian Imperial Quarts. A number of them are being listed on ebay without mention of the re-rolled or re-wrapped (cans that were flat made back into cans). The ads simply say "check all pictures before bidding plz", but it is quite difficult to see in photos. The reconstruction of the cans is done well and then the lids are even purposefully rusted to look old, assisting with making it look more authentic. A good example is ebay item number 263157126739 sold by user trappindnrs. The same user has the following cans which could come up for sale:

Enarco Quart (Yellow with Slate Boy...11 have been sold already and at least 15 more to be sold).
Red Indian Quarts
Green Buffalo (Prairie Cities Quart)
Penn Chief
Paralene (possibly)
White Rose Quarts
North Star Quarts
William Penn Quarts
Royalite Quarts

If you want to buy a rewrapped or rerolled can that is fine, just thought you might want to know in advance in case this changes the value of the can in your opinion. It does change the value in my opinion, but just my opinion (not looking for a debate, this is just a friendly informative message for other collectors)

rewrapped can.JPG
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Always looking for Red Indian Tins, McColl Frontenac, McColl Bros., Buffalo (prarie cities oil co), Stellarene and other western canadian tins.