I picked up another Tokheim 36B a few months back. It was leaning over and a tree had grown into the top. It pretty much looked like a lost cause and was bent inward and downward.

This is the second 36B top that I have straightened. I thought I would take a few pics. and share here on oldgas. I hope this will help and encourage someone else to try and save their top. They can be straightened with heat, pressure, and a lot of patience!

1) Build a heavy duty steel support jig.
2) Have lots of clamps, angle, channel, flat bar, etc. on hand
3) Slowly heat the pot metal top. (I used a Reddy Heater)
4) Slowly apply pressure with each carefully placed clamp a little at a time. Don't go too fast. I would move the bent section a little and place back in front of the heat. I was heating it hot enough that it would almost burn you with gloves on. A lot of the car guys say you can work pot metal at about 300 degrees or so.
5) Once straightened, turn off heat and let it cool on its own. I didn't take the jigs or clamps off until a couple days later. The end result speaks for itself, perfect top again! And NO cracks!



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