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Are you suggesting that gasoline engines run well on diesel?

No,not today's modern computer controlled ones. Actually the computer might make enough changes that they might run pretty good. Diesel engines will run off kerosene or diesel and so will jet engines. I've had old tractors that you start on gas and after they warm up you turn off the gas and turn on the kerosene and they run good on it. When we were kids in early 50's and didn't have much money and gas was .25 gal and kerosene was .10 we would put kerosene in our old cars and they run well but smoked some. Next day when engine was cold you had to rig up a gas can direct to car. to get it started.
what I suggested was if you put diesel in a gas engine you will have problems but not harm the engine but if you put gas in a diesel engine you may blow up the engine.