Even you won't give us your name I will reply to your situation.

Back around 1993 I wanted to set up at Hershey, actually Carlisle/Hershey. I started putting the word out, while I would like to purchase spaces at either of these events I was willing to take what I could get.

Locally here in St. Louis I ran into a guy who didn't want to sell he spots at Carlisle, but did let me rent them for almost 10 years.

At the old Indy show that was held on at the Indy 500 track I did a favor for a guy. The wind picked up, I didn't have a tent, but the guy next to me's tent was just about going to disappeared when I grabbed it. We became friends and he offered me four spaces at Hershey that I used for over ten years.

Long time guys who have very good spaces at these event seem to want to hold on to their spaces even though they do not use them personally.

My advice, for the first year at either event, take anything you can get, then at night wander around asking about spaces.

Need to add this, at Carlisle (not so much at Hershey) there is a underground of vendors. These are the guys who live in their vans/trailers even tents. When the sun goes down they don't go to bed, they party. Many a Carlisle I party until 3-4 in the morning and got up at 6:00 am to start selling. This is how you meet guys, get names, and find out who will not be coming back next year but are willing to let you rent their spaces

A little about Hershey. Back in the late 1990s/early 2000s many old members of the AACA had spaces that they had owned since the early 1960s. These guys used to set up selling parts for very old cars. As they got older, they sold less parts, just their vehicles got larger until they were showing up in large RVs, no parts, (they were just their for the good time) but to adhere to the rules they would put out a bowl of apples to sell. I know the AACA has tried to discourage this, these space do come available but the list is very long.

My advice: Start with a space or spaces at either event, also there is no reason to spend all the money to go there and not set up at both events. All the years I went to both I never slept in a motel, always in the back of my van or trailer. These events are where you make big money if you have the right stuff, so find any way to get there.

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