You rally need to do some research. First, you didn't give us any info as to what 39 your have, is it the tall version or is it the short version. Perhaps this page of my website will give you some information about the 39s.

Now, if your pump is a tall one, a few were made after WWII because there was a need for tall pumps to go with the old tall pumps from the 30s, but this was the time for the short pumps. Why, because cars were now being made lower to the ground, Hudson even advertised a car that you "stepped down into." After WW11, it was short pump times.

The last short 39 was made in 1959. You didn't list when your pump was made, but if you send me the "Serial No." I will let you know when it was made, possibly the month.

So, it very possibly your pump by the 60s was a used pump, these were pumps that were traded in on new pumps. Many pumps were just like used cars, reconditioned and sold on the "used" market.

So why all this, it is very possible your pump went through a number of oil companies, each one changing the signs/decals/colors.

So, take the pump apart, have it sandblasted, take a good look at it. Did your uncle have a Sinclair station (?), was the first station you purchased gas a Shell station (?). Find a reason to restore the pump to something that happened in your family.

I wrote an article for "Check the Oil" a few years ago about the Tokheim 39s. I did some research and found out that Tokheim made over 125,000 39s.

Have fun with your pump. Years ago the late Dick Bennett was credited with talking about the "pump police," actually I was the one that started using that to describe that there are no "pump police" out there to tell you that your pump is not restored correctly. Again, have fun with your pump, Texaco, Shell, Mobil, Standard Oil are not the only people who purchased pumps. Check out some little company that only sold gas in Detroit and dedicate a pump to them.

Jack Sim

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