I came across this blog site when searching for info on the attached pump that I acquired this past weekend.

It is in decent shape with one small dent in the top just over the sight glass on one side that I think I can pull out.

Looking at various pictures, I think it is a 904 or 906. I have only taken the two doors off but have not found any ID tags or numbers. The only number is on the reset bezel under the crank, 55465, which might just be the part number for the bezel.

It has the hose retract cable hooked to a sliding weight and the two hose rub rail rods.

Any idea which model? Year?
Where to look further for ID?

I'll need to get a manual at some point.

I work on older wood boats and would like to restore it as a marine gasoline pump. Does anyone have anything that would be appropriate? (decals, globes, etc.) I did see a picture of a Gilbarco seahorse on a pump face but it was not clear when I enlarged it. Does anyone have a clear picture of this Marine version of the Gilbarco face plate or sell repros?

Thanks for any help you can offer as I start on the project pump.