I have two 30" DSP Texaco 8 ball signs for sale. They are not perfect. I don't think the black will come off; it appears it might be fire related (I'm not sure of the cause though). They were cleaned. See pics. Sign #1 has a slight bend. Sign #2 is warped pretty good. They are what they are. Sign #1 is $590. Sign #2 $575. plus shipping. PayPal okay (you pay fees). Order of PM.

Note: First three pics are of sign #1. Second three pics (on the reply) are sign #2.

Sign #1...

Sign #1

Sign #1

Sign #1

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WTB signs: WHITE STAR, FILMOIL, FLYING A button and Economical Transportation Chevrolet Sign. Also looking for a Wayne 866. Send a PM. Thanks.