What you have found are not farm pumps, they are just sitting on a farm.

Farm pumps are pumps that did not meter the price, just the number of gallons being pumped.

What you show are two pumps that proudly served many years on an island in some city, when it time for them to be replaced with new pumps, they were traded in to the someone who rebuilt old pumps and sold them to the next lower major stations, stations like mom and pops stations, stations that could not afford to purchase new pumps. When these pumps got old, again they were purchased by re builders who then sold them to oil companies who supplied gasoline to farmers. Usually these distributors gave the pumps to the farmers providing they purchased the gasoline from the distributer. So, the pumps you show are just some Gilbarco pumps waiting for someone to decide they don't need them anymore and will pass them on to someone like yourself who will restore them to their original beauty.

Jack Sim

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