Ben & Jim:

About two years ago, a member here approached me asking if I had any info on the Union Metal Stations that were basically pre-fabed type stations. So, I started a search, but I extended my search to cover any service station picture I have, starting from the first ever off the street station that was built here in St. Louis in 1908.

I have now over 50 GB of pictures ready to send to him, but it seems that every time I get ready to send it to him I find more pictures. My hope is that he and I will combine to feature articles about Union stations that will be in the "Check to Oil" magazine. I will also be using individual pictures in articles that I intend to contribute to CTO.

I am sure I have advertisements about the Pacific Company, but they are not filed the way that I can go to them.

Subscribe to "Check the Oil" and look forward to articles like this and more articles about "Around the Station" that I will be contributing to CTO.

Jack Sim

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