For this months pump of the month I let my brother choose what pump to do. He wanted to go with a Tokheim 34. These pumps seem to be pretty hard to find, but have such a unique design! What a perfectly designed pump! This was Tokheim's first computer pump, and they took the early 8" Veedor Root computer. The pump came with an embossed logo on the bottom of each panel. Only the originals have the embossed logo on the bottom. Reproduction panels will not have the embossing unless they are specially done. Tokheim 34's came with two different face designs, display case pump with two different styles of cases, or even with a flashing lighted advertising panel on the pump.

-Tokheim 34: 1934-1937. Original cost was $225 for the standard pump or $240 for the display case model. (If only a $15 difference was all it took to get a display case one now!!! LOL)

This information above is credited to Jack Sim and his pump book.

Please everyone show your 34's of all kinds and any information you might have on them. As I am always learning something new everyday. Thank you!

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