Write a book and you will get at least three of these per week:

Jack, good morning, I have a collection of pre-visible pumps, and I am at a point I have to sell them off, I know sad day, I get to keep 4 or 5 of my 22 pumps, yea for me.
Anyway, I have your spotters guide but can not find info on a Phillips pump that I have, it still has the brass tag and model is a 72, I think its the best I can read from the tag.
I also have a Bowser Sentry (241) ? I do believe with a curved slide around door vs the clam shell type door.
Can you help me with info and or values on these pumps?.

This was my response:

I get two or three of this type of requests per week, some people think that just because they purchased one of my books I should spend some of the time I have left in my life (I am 82 years old) helping them value something so they can make money from my vast knowledge of gas pumps. It seems that no one offers me the opportunity to purchase any of the pumps. Recently I did supply a person with a great deal of info on a pump that he had, even stating that I was interested in buying the pump he had, not hearing from him, I sent an email asking if I could buy the pump, he told me he had sold it for $350, I emailed him back I would have given him $1000 for the pump.

Why all this, I am just tired of helping others make money using my knowledge while my wife and I live on Social Security and my Korean war disability payments..

My time is valuable, just like your pumps, so if you wish to send me five pictures of each of the pumps, and $35.00 per pump for a valuation I will do my best to help you sell your pumps to someone else.

As I type this I feel guilty, should I continue giving away my knowledge while someone benefits from it, should I just not answer the email, or is there a really good answer to all this?

I have written four valuation books (2 air meter books and 2 gas pump books) thinking that I would not have to answer this type of question, but they continue.

Jack Sim


Author, Gas Pump Identfication books 1st & 2nd Editions & Air Meter Identification books
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