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On a similar note,I had a "friend" ask me details about a car I know very well.
Talked to him for about an hour on the phone asking me details.I thought it was unusual of him,but he told me he was looking at buying the car...So I gave him the skinny on what I knew about it's history,how to tell a real from a fake & what to look for on real parts vs. reproduction.

Fast forward about 6 mos.later,I'm at a local MECUM car auction,and there is the very same car that guy was asking me about that day,getting ready to go up on the auction block..As I approached the car,there in the trunk was all of it's displayed paperwork.One of the pieces of paper was an appraisal written & signed by that very "friend" of mine who called me that day who had listed almost verbatim all the details I had told him over the phone.That "friend" didn't know squat about that car,until I told him all that.
I asked the owner of the car,where he got that appraisal from?
He told me he paid that "friend" of mine $500 for it,and based on the knowledge he supplied him,he felt it was worth it.

Now it all made sense. frown

I'd have a very hard time call him a friend.