We don't even want any money. We ask them to donate $10 to the local animal shelter.

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Antique Gas Pump Values and Questions 

First of all...
If you want to sell something, just contact us. 

If you would just like a gas pump, appraised or identified, 
we now ask for a small $10 donation,
to the Animal Shelter in Oshkosh, WI​​ for each appraisal.

​All donations are used to support the no kill Oshkosh Area Humane Society animal shelter. 
 We do not offer values on signs.

If you need information you can use your credit card or Pay Pal payment to the Animal Shelter.... 
You can make the payment directly to the Oshkosh Area Humane Society. See link below.

Oshkosh Area Humane Society
A no kill life saving shelter

OAHS has received over $3000 in donations in the past two years
from our Petroliana friends. 

To the "Old Gas Pump Guys" team:
Every dollar the animals receive from your Petroliana friends, thanks to you,
makes a HUGE difference. 
​Their donations pay for critical care for all of the animals and supplies for the shelter.
$20 feeds all of our cats for the entire day. 
Add up all those gifts that we received because of you. 
That is a mighty generous way to run your business.  We are honored to know you.
​Oshkosh Area Humane Society 
Thanks to all of you who care.

After you make your donation they will email you back with  a receipt.
​You can then forward your receipt for the donation to us with pictures of the pump.
​Be sure to fill in the acknowledgement line on the donation form with "Old Gas Pump Guys"
Donation Link:
Click Here to Donate

Check out the shelter Web Site!
Great people, doing GREAT work.

​If you are asking about the identification of a gas pump,
we will need pictures of all four sides if possible.
NOT close ups. We need to see the entire pump.
If you are looking for values, we will give you what we feel are the current retail market prices.
This is not an official Insurance Appraisal.

It is NOT our intention to offend anyone.
When we set up this web site,
it was to share our finds and knowledge with others in the Petroliana hobby.
Since then, television shows and the Internet have created a much wider and more diverse group of
people looking for information and wanting to collect and display Petroliana.
Our web site has grown from a few visits a day, to an average of over 100 - 200 a day
from all over the world.
With those visits come questions on identification of gas pumps,
globes, parts and related information.
In the past we have been happy to share what information we have.

However we are no longer able to return answers to the huge number of emails we receive
​each day, without spending extended time on our computer or phone when we should
be working on customers restorations and our acquisitions.

            If you have questions on this policy, please feel free to email us. See our contact us page.
     Thank you 
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