Just put my Atlantic pole up this morning. Found this pole several years ago near a lake I go to but could never find out who owned the property. After several phone calls to the personal property office in that county I got a number for the owner of the property which lives in Florida I called but the number was out of order. So I lost hope in getting the pole until last spring when I went down to do some crappie fishing. I rode by the property to see if it was still there and low and behold there was some people out around the building cleaning up. I was so excited to see someone there I locked up the brakes and pulled in lol they looked at me like I was crazy. I got out and asked if they were the owners and they sad yes they were up from Florida cleaning up the property to sell. I said to my self O yea perfect timing I asked if they would be interested in selling the pole and they said sure so I bought it. I contacted some in the area that could take it down and I got it the next week. Here is some before and after pics.