Hello, I recently purchased a Martin Schwartz 80 that has been sitting in a shed for 30 years. It is all complete light works and pump works so I am told. I picked it up for $700. It is solid and not rusted. I plan on restoring it To display in my garage. I have some questions and would greatly appreciate any info.
1. The owner told me it had Mobil signs on it but they are gone. Does anyone know which style sign would be error correct for this pump.
2. I would like to have fluid cycle through the site glass. Is this possible to do without having the fluid pump out of the nozzle and if is there some info on how to do it.
3. What is a good source for restoration parts such as Mobil sign, hose guards gaskets etc.
I am enclosing some pictures of the pump I plan on re painting it in the same color scheme. With the red matching the red I have my restored eco air meter and the white in a whimbelton white..