On October 7th I listed a visible cylinder for sale, with FREE delivery to Peotone.

Three people responded. Two people wanted to pick it up at Peotone. Clinton was the first to PM me and say he wanted it, but wanted it shipped to Texas. So I double boxed it and gave him the shipping price the same day. We had several PM's back and forth that day.

I could have been a jerk and taken the easy way and just said he was not the first to respond and just delivered it to peotone. But I didn't.

I waited two weeks until the 21st and had not received payment so I PM'ed him. he answered that day. He said there was a misunderstanding and would send the check out right away, the 23rd.

Waited until the 29th, STILL NO Check. PM'ed him. No answer....
So I called him, got voice mail.
Emailed him, nothing.
PM'ed him, nothing...

I see HE WAS ONLINE THE 29TH AT 4:28PM. Long after I tried contacting him.

Again on the 31st, PM, Email, called-voicemail. NOTHING.

Again yesterday, NOTHING.

The big thing is I could have delivered it to Peotone and made someone happy, not having to pay shipping. Now they don't want it.
I am sitting with a cylinder boxed in heavy duty double boxes and can't get paid.

Has he done this before? What's his deal?


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