I finally got around to building my second barn wood globe shelf with what I believe are all original ad glass inserts.
There is one Sunoco globe I done yet have so I put the Amoco in there for now.
Likely moving sometime in the next couple years. When they find their permanent home in my life you won't see the plugs. But for now I don't want to cut plugs into the wall in this house.

I'm using 40 watt LED's in them.

The only really problem with the design right now is the cutouts for the ad glass is sized and cut specific to those lenses at those positions. In the future I'll have to come up with a plan that allows me to move the ad glass around or change it out to a different size if need be.

P.S. awesome pair of black T 13.5" lenses in that box. Need a wide body mild glass globe.

IMG_20171105_182445044 (2).jpgIMG_20171105_182621253 (2).jpgIMG_20171105_182632249 (2).jpg
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Steve Coppens
Always interested in Sunoco items!
Really want a Sunoco National pump ad glass!!