This saddens me. Mr. Sawyer, Mace and my oldest son shared a special bond. Annually at IG for the past 10-12 they brought "gifts" in the form of toy service stations for Chase. Over the time we also purchased dozens from him. As time went on, we got deeper into his collection and he would say to me "dad this year is going to hurt a little more than last year". Meaning my wallet and him for letting go of the better stations. Chase has about 50 and 2/3 of them probably came from Dwight.

My oldest is a unique kid, Mace and Dwight really embraced him.

Dwight was an amazing person, my heart goes out to mace.


Collect small Oklahoma Oil Co.'s 1920's-1940's. Barnsdall, Cushing, Eason, Marland, etc.