I have been rebuilding Veeder Root "Crankback" computers for 30 years now.
I was talking to Tom Buckles, who also rebuilds computers and he confirmed the same thing I have seen for 30 yrs.
You can rebuild a computer, set it aside, then reset it before you ship it out
and all of the sudden there is a problem that did not exist the day before.
So you fix it. Sometimes having to disassemble the entire Head.

I have had the washer on the flared joint on the rest linkage pop off in final testing requiring a disassembly in order to repair. ARG!
I shipped one out a couple of months ago and the guy reset it, and one wheel bank scrambled, he tried again and it locked up.
I asked him to send a pic and instantly when I saw the pic, I saw the timing was off and told him how to easily remedy the problem.
It worked and I have not heard back from him.
I am still baffled as to how only those gears on the computer got in that position,
no damage whatsoever to my Bulletproof boxing technique.
I am sure some of you have some "Haunted Veeder Root" stories.....

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