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Ted Czerechowicz (TC on Old Gas), sent me a list of globes he had for sale as he wanted to concentrate on just 3 or 4 brands instead of having a Heinz 57 collection of nearly everything! Of course I wanted to buy several, but restrained myself to purchasing this gorgeous Red Indian on a screw base body!
Ted also collects Cities Service and has one of the most complete collections of Cities globes around, and because of that, we've gotten to know each other quite well. He has been to my place a couple of times and since he had sold over 20 globes this time, he decided to deliver them all instead of shipping them! Well, it works out to nearly 5000 miles, but he's having a nice time and will be stopping to see several contacts along the way.
After crossing the border and stopping in Michigan, he motored right on thru to Devils Lake and finally got here about 1 AM on Saturday night. We stuffed him into the guest bedroom and called it a night. We were up early for a tour of my collection the next morning, and then pulled out my purchase from the big load of globes he had on board. We did a quick inspection and then headed into town for breakfast. We had a long conversation about our lives, gas & oil, Old Gas, and anything else we could think of, and then Ted headed down the road into Montana and then north towards the Calgary area!
Its things like this that make this hobby so enjoyable! Great friends, great stuff, and great times sharing the passion we all have for collecting these items from the past! What a great time! Drive safe Ted!

This was Ted Great Story Kevin and awesome picture

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