Hi there everyone

I recently came across a Canadian Gilbert and Barker 176 and I am considering a full restoration. Luckily for me the pump still has an original Imperial Oil brass tag riveted to the back of said pump so I’m going to go with Imperial badges and globe on the restoration. My issue is this-

I read in Bob Lee’s book recently (10 gallons for a dollar) that G&B visibles we’re finished in red. I also remember reading somewhere that “all 176’s came off the assembly line in red” though I can’t recall the website that claimed that. Further to that point all magazine advertisements for Gilbert & Barker show red gas pumps. So when Imperial or texaco or anyone purchased these pumps did they generally leave them in red and just apply pump plates and globes for identification or did they do full repaint right away? I know that years later many of the pumps were repainted but what would the pumps have looked like on day 1?

Thanks for the help!