The pump of month for the New Year of 2018 is a pump that a lot of people should be able to participate with to kick off 2018 good. It is the Wayne 60! These pumps have a timeless design with wonderful art deco looks. With so many different versions of this pump, I am going to include the Wayne 60 wide body, Wayne 60 narrow body, Wayne 65, Wayne 866 (60 clockface), Wayne 65, Wayne 55, Wayne 56, Wayne 60-A, Wayne 60-S, Wayne 66, Wayne 60-T. Here is the list included below with the credit of information below going to Jack and his book.

-Wayne 60: 1935-1946. Wide Body is the 60-C, Narrow body is 60.
-Wayne 65: 1935-1937. Twin pump with two hoses, for one or two products.
-Wayne 866: 1935-1947. Clockface pump came in wide or narrow body designs.
-Wayne 65-S: 1935-1937. Twin pump with two hoses for one or two products, with display cases.
-Wayne 55: 1936-1938. Single pump on a very large display case.
-Wayne 56: 1936-1938. Double display for one or two products, primarily purchased by Firestone.
-Wayne 60-A: 1937. Narrow body pump without hip side panels.
-Wayne 60-S: 1937-1938. Computer pump with display case. Also came with a clockface meter.
-Wayne 66: 1937-1940. Narrow body twin pump without hip side panels.
-Wayne 60-T: 1936-1939. Computer pump.

I hope everyone is able to share all of their different versions of the awesome Wayne 60! Thank you for all the participation so far in this awesome monthly thread, here's to a great 2018!

Braden Splichal