This is a memorial page of petroliana collectors who have passed on. Hopefully, their names and locations will bring back recollections of good times in the past when they were active in the hobby.

Ron Baker, West Warren, MA
Cathy Barber, CT
Chris Barnes, LA
Dick Bennett, Santa Paula, CA
Rex Benson, Owenton, KY
Kenny Black, Louisville, KY
Lynn Robert Braun, SC
Bob Burbage, South Carolina
Mike Carson (bruzer75), Grants Pass, Oregon
John Chance, Iowa Gas, IA
Art Childers, Evansville, IN
Boyd Church, Richlands, VA
Deryl Chew, Knightstown, IN
Bill Crain, Medina, OH
Bill Crutchfield, IL
Ted Czerechowicz (TC), Ontario
Ray Day, Indiana
Shorty Denton, Morristown, TN
John Donahue, Mt. Clemmons, MI
Jeff Drake, Kankakee, IL
Mel Egbert, Cincinnati, OH
Dale Evoy, Terrace Bay Ontario
Ace Feek, Lake Chelan, WA
Bill Fortune, (wfort39663) Santa Fe, NM & MO
Glen Gaines, Louisville, KY
Pat Gilley, Sylvania, OH
Bob Goldman, Silver Spring, MD
Wendell Groff, Albequerque, NM
Dan Harris, Putnam Station, NY
Dewey Henderson, Waynesboro, VA
Chris Holt, St. Clair, MI
David Huddleston, Louisville, KY
Irv Kane, Missoula, MT
Cliff Lauten, Greensboro, NC
Rick Lewis, Knoxville, TN
Robert Liter, KY
Jack Lovegrove, Swords Creek, MI
Earl Ma, Honolulu, HI
Bob Macmeccan, Hampton, VA
Tom Martin, Manhattan Beach, CA
Jim Masson, Shawnee Mission, KS
Jim Mattson, Valley Glen, CA
Carl Maxwell, OH
Ray May, Bonfield, IL
Robert McVey, Savannah, GA
Jack Mendenhall, Buellton, CA
Alvin Mielke, Swanville, MN
Bruce Miller, Lawrenceville, IN
Bill Montigill, Riverside, CA
Kyle Moore, Cordell, OK
Nick Moore, Easley,SC
Robert Moore (Moore798), Osage County OK
Fred Munns, Augusta, GA
Wes Nilson Laporte, IN
Mike O'Hern, Taylor Ridge, IL
Dave Parr, Terra Haute, IN
Jeff Pederson, General Petroleum Museum, Seattle, WA
Chuck Pergl, Penfield, NY
Lee Pergl, Penfield, NY
L.F. Perry, Georgia
Pat Quail, Bettendorf, IA
Mike Rhein, Minnesota
Larry Robertson, Muskegon, MI
Dwight Sawyer, NY
Ed Schwartz, Deerfield, IL
Luke and Jean Sconyers, Ashburn, GA
Patrick and Barbara Shimmin, Temple City, CA
John Simmons, Center, Mo
Kevin Stephens, Alabama
Bob Strauss, Hillsboro, Oregon
Wayne Swearingin, Chicagoland Show, Peotone, IL
Kent Swensen,died 5/1/2016,Murray, Utah
Stan Thomas, Salisbury, PA
Ron Throckmorton, Wildwood, MO
Gary Turner, Gay Parita Sinclair, Ash Grove, MO
Dave Wahl, North Dakota
Bill Walsner, Lancaster, CA
Tom Whitlatch, Ohio
Charlie Whitworth, Jeffersonville, IN
Roger Winchell, Litchfield MI
Wayne Woodrum New Carlisle, Ohio
John Wright Mt. Vernon, OH

Replies on this topic with shared memories of the departed are welcome. If there are additions or corrections, please send me a PM, email or post a reply on this topic.

Special thanks to Wayne Henderson and Ed Natale for assembling the initial list.

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