I had a question regarding Pennzoil signs. I've had many real ones and have seen many fakes. I ran across a common 77 fake last month with the separated ' r ' (which looks like an i with a dot next to it) see photo 1 and 2 below. It's one of the obvious fakes with the off-color.

Then just last week I ran across a 73 which had the same separated r, but the color looked okay. See photo #3 (the r was separated I saw it in person - sorry, it's the only pic I have. Unfortunately I didn't get a close up of the date/ mfg stamp).

My question is this, are all separated r's fake, or does anyone have a positively real Pennzoil sign with this feature? Maybe it was a font change at a certain date, maybe it is a different manufacturer, maybe they are all fake. Any help would be appreciated.

And I'm only talking about these 31" oval signs in either this style, or the ones with the 'sound your Z' rocker on top.

Thanks for any help,

Fake - photo #1

Fake - photo #2

Sign in question - photo #3

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WTB signs: WHITE STAR, FILMOIL, FLYING A button and Economical Transportation Chevrolet Sign. Also looking for a Wayne 866. Send a PM. Thanks.