Hi, Gang. I don't ask for value help very often. But, I'm stuck of this one because of the corner modifications.

This is a painted tin DELCO BATTERY sign I'm thinking 1940's vintage. It measures 19-3/4" wide by 13-3/4" high. Excellent color and gloss. Appears never to have been outside (may have resided inside a parts store or auto shop).

The issue is the trimming that has been done on all four corners...a little at the top, and more at the bottom).

I have researched RECENT sold auction results for this sign, and they're coming in from $850 to about $1,600. I eliminated the Barrett-Jackson auction result of $2,150 for one of these, since.....it was "Barrett-Jackson". If you know what I mean.

You can readily see the corner trim marks in my photos. Any input on value of the DELCO sign pictured would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. John

027 (850x701) (550x454).jpg032 (850x604) (550x391).jpg
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