I just need to vent a little bit I guess....LOL

Why do people contact you about buying your collections and then make you an offer that's way low because when then sell your collection they have to be able to make some money on the stuff? Do you think we are not smart enough to consign our own stuff in an auction or list it on e-bay ourselves?

I am a collector and have taken time (many years)to build up my collection yet I'm too stupid to sell it on my own?

I know your trying to make a business and a living doing this but don't insult collectors by low balling and making our collections seem worthless.

I have sold many items together over the years to other collectors with no problems but it seems this new generation wants guaranties that they make good money selling everything.

Sorry if I offend anyone as this is just my opinion.


Always Looking for any Pure Oil and Sunoco Items.