I've been a member here for a couple years. I own many porcelain pump plates, as well as oil field well signs. Far from an expert, though. Every now and then I come across restored gasoline pumps, whether at retro gas stations or in antique stores. All gasoline pumps I see will have the decal-type pump plates affixed to the front of the pump from your favorite-flavor gasoline. I was at Barrett-Jackson auction two weeks ago in Scottsdale, AZ. In the building adjacent to the auction hall you see on television, there were many restored gasoline pumps. A few of the pumps had legitimate porcelain pump plates attached to the front of the pumps. Most, however, had the decal-type pump plates on the front of the pumps.

While restored gasoline pumps with the decal-type pump plates show well to the public, why do these nice, restored pumps have a decal pump plate instead of the porcelain pump plates that are attached with screws? Did some of the gasoline pumps back in the day have these decal-style pump plates, or is this purely a convenient way to complete a restored gasoline pump because it shows well? The decal-style pump plate certainly cuts down on theft.

Sorry if this question has been beat to death before.

Thanks, Kevin