Wow what a great January we had everyone! Thank you! The pump of the month for February is the Gilbarco G&B 86 Calco-Meter pump. I will also include the G&B 86 twin, and the G&B 87 which is the clockface version of the 86. These are fantastic looking pumps, the either came with an all metal sided top, or with ad glass in the top.

Here is the info from Jacks pump book.

- G&B 86: 1936. "Calco-Meter" computer pump.
- G&B 86: 1936. "Calco-Meter" twin computing pump.
- G&B 87: 1937. Non-Computing clock meter pump.

Please share if you have one or pictures of one! Thank you everyone for the continued participation.


Braden Splichal