Tonight I received this request:

"Hey just scored two high boys super old what can ya tell me about these and what would you recommend as far as full restore or left original. I’m clueless but I really like these things."

First notice, no pictures.

My answer was:

"I thank you for asking me for the information you requested. I wish I had millions of dollars of money to help others how to sell items to others. I sell gas pump/oil related/etc. literature. I am not in the business of valuing other people's finds, although I was recently hired to fly to Palm Beach, CA, to value a $3,00,000 collection. If you wish to hire me to identify and value your finds, contact me and I will specify my charges."

How many others in this hobby get these type of requests. It seems that every time I help someone value the item, he sells it to someone for $1.00 more than I offered. Are we being used? We spend dollars and hours learning what we know, then because of the internet, others feel that they can bypast that learning process and just get an answer with a quick email or an click of the button. I have 41 files drawers filled with gas pump/air meter/service station equipment literature. Of course I have a great deal of money tied up in acquiring this information. Of course I will not sit here, look up the info. they want and send it to them. Does that make us bad guys?

Jack Sim

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