I want to hang this in my home, but I’m worried about the paint. If it’s real I don’t know what’s in the paint, so I may need to replace it with a reproduction sign. It is magnetic, so it’s steelit’s painted in layers, but is single sided. It’s VERY HEAVY. It measures 15” across. can’t find any reproductions like it, and i can’t find any info on what sizes these signs came in. My fear is it may be some kind of old sample or something. I just can’t find any real concrete info. I offered to sell it to someone because I was so unsure, but they bit my head off, and practically threw it at me saying there was no such thing and that it was “fake”. ? I don’t known why they were so upset, i was only asking $20, and i never claimed to know anything about it. It was just sitting at my garage sale. I think the aumknum signs at hobby lobby even start at 49.99.... ugh... It’s an old gulf oil sign with a blue drop shadow. I can’t fogure out how to post pics here, so please message me if you can help.