I picked up this Hood sign recently from a reputable seller (not feebay) who found it several years ago still in the box wrapped in paper. At the time I bought it I noticed the makers mark but didn't look close enough to see the date. It was made by Scioto Signs in 1976, seven years after Hood closed their production plant in Watertown, Mass in 1969. It is a tin tacker, not the older stamped steel version that is self framing like a lot of their signs were. After seeing the date it was made I became skeptical about the sign but I have not seen another like it so if it was produced as a fantasy sign you would think there would be more floating around. If by some chance the Hood trademark name had been licensed to another manufacturer after closing it's doors I guess it is possible some of these newer signs were made for a ligit company selling tires with the Hood brand but I can't find any information to attest to that. Does anyone out there know anything about this sign? If it is a fantasy repro I don't want to keep it but I guess I am hoping by some miracle that it is real and can add it to the collection. I am not blaming the seller, he sold it to me in good faith and has insisted that he refund my money until we know for sure or I am satisfied with it. This is why I rarely buy signs.....Thanks, Gary

Hood sign 2.JPGHood sign date.JPG