Nice Tokheim 850 cut (factory short version). One side is Mobil, turn it around and the other side is Musgo. The globe is dual-sided as well. Older restoration (amateur paint - few small chips). Overall, a great looking pump, could be used indoors or out.

The good:
-very solid
-no rot
-no rust
-black hose included
-polished Buckeye nozzle included
-repo dual-sided globe and ring included
-wired so globe lights up
-no guts, if that's the way you like them
-cut / short version - fits indoors easier
-IT'S AN 850!!

The bad:
-no dents, but the lower skins appear to have some dents that were bumped out, so we'll call them bruises.
-the clock faces are computer printed and the hands are not original. The previous owner stated the originals may be under the printout. There is metal underneath the printout, but the computer printed ones are glued to the metal and I cant tell.
-There is NO clockface dial 'computer' behind the faces

Approximately 7' 6" tall (6' 3" without globe).

Overall, nice looking Tokheim 850.

$2400 (plus shipping). Order of PM. Would prefer pick-up, however I can bring it to Michigan Gas, Columbus CTO, Utica MI Gas Show, or Dixie Gas (located about one hour north of Detroit). Or I can ship using North American Van Lines.

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WTB signs: WHITE STAR, FILMOIL, FLYING A button and Economical Transportation Chevrolet Sign. Also looking for a Wayne 866. Send a PM. Thanks.