Thanks for the reply. I actually just purchased this pump last week.

Thanks for the insight on the pump!

I wonder though- the 211 in jacks book does not feature an acesss panel on the lower foot in the picture. The 211 in Jacks book features a WAYNE script on either the door or the trunk of the gas pump depending on which version of the 211 you look at. I’ve been told that the lettering in question was embossed onto the pump during the casting process. Is that true or was it a decal? Also none of the 211 pictures show anything like the brass lock mechanism and that lock is far too intricate for someone to just modify into place. That lock requires the doors to have specific casting holes for the bolts to enter and exit, it wasn’t just a quick modification, it was designed that way before the casting too place . Very strange indeed.

Thanks again for your insight. I will continue my research!

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