This is to announce the "GAS PUMP BIBLE" book.

Notice, I even changed the name of the book, so many of you called it the BIBLE my wife suggested it should be named that.

Presently the book is in the hands of the coordinator. That is what the person who puts the book together and gets it ready for the printer, is called. She has been working on it for almost a month.

Based on where she is in the book and how many pages it has taken it appears the book will be around 425-450 pages. Both the previous books were 352 pages. Here is what I did, changed, added, etc.

1. I removed everything that is not a gas pump or gas pump related. No more oil dispenser, no more globes, it is truly a gas pump bible. Don't throw away the old books, they show many oil dispenser, so if I don't write a book on them, they will have to do.

2. At the present time there is 2344 images in the new gas pump ID section.

3. 60 gas carts shown.

4. 24 pump lights shown.

5. 229 outside sight glasses shown

6. 21 unknown gas pump waiting for you to help me ID them.

7. A section listing all the known visibles and the cylinder sizes for them, if known.

8. The 2nd book had about 1900 images, all total, this new book has 2678 images, all gas pump related I believe this will be the largest book ever printed for this hobby. Yes, I did trim off the globes that were on the tops of the pumps in the book, this allowed me to enlarge the picture so you can get a better view of the pump, and since there is a very good globe book already written you can get a better picture of the globes from it.

9. Another small detail from the book. The book now encompasses approximately the years 1900 - 1975. By this time there were only four companies making pumps, so I showed the first digital pump they each made.

10. I haven't counted them, but I have identified at least 50 more companies that made a gas pump at one time.

This is what the cover looks like:

I am only announcing the book now, I am not accepting orders yet. It's the printing of the book that I am faces with. It is costing me much more than I expected. I have some money saved, but not enough to get the book printed. I am going to sell everything petro related I have to get at least a first printing done. As some of you know, I will be 83 years old in a few weeks and have too many projects, too many things that I really don't need. I will be posting many of them for sale on this site this weekend.
My intention was to have the book printed before "CTO" but that is not going to happen, my goal is now IOWA.

Thank you all for your support, and thank you all who let me use a picture of a pump you had.

Jack & Cindy Sim


Author, 1st & 2nd editions of Gas Pump ID book, 3rd edition is now available at
Air Meter ID book also available