Pre-paying has crossed my mind, but I really don't want to do that. My plans are the day the book goes to the printer I will announce I am taking orders. Thanks for offering, I appreciate the trust from all of you.

Small details:

We have arranged financing, not enough, but it will get us started with the printing.
There will be no wholesaling of the book, I will be the only seller.
My goal is to have the book with me when I go to Iowa Gas.
Forgot to mention this when I posted what the book will include. It will also have an appendix, this will have details about a pump or a pump series that is too large for the picture page, a lot more info to help identify a pump.

Thanks again,


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Author, 1st & 2nd editions of Gas Pump ID book, 3rd edition is now available at
Air Meter ID book also available