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I lived in Barrington RI from 1964 to 1975. I remember the Cities Service change to Citgo in 1965, the Atlantic change to Arco in 1970 and the Esso change to Exxon in 1972. Flying A was bought out by Getty, but there weren't a lot of Flying A stations that I recall seeing. Getty expanded by rebranding other stations - I remember a Gulf and an Arco station changing to Getty. In addition to those brands I remember Texaco, Sunoco, Mobil, Gulf, Phillips 66 (not many), American and a couple BP stations in Massachusetts during the time I lived there.

Thanks for giving me a trip down memory lane!

I found my spreadsheet. Sunoco was the most popular service station brand in town from 1968 until 1977 when Arco took over the lead. But the directory didn't list brands for all of the stations. I'm pretty sure Woods was Mobil back then, but the directory didn't say, so l marked it as unknown.