Two things, your profile does not include your email address, and actually I reframe on using emails here on OG. I request you send me an email and I will add your name to the list who wish to be notified when the book is ready to be ordered.

My email is jhsim@petrocollect.com

Just request your name to be added to the list of those whose are interested in buying the book.

I already own a website: www.gaspumpbible.com But, but, but it is not active yet. My plans are to send you all an email telling you to go to that site. On it will be all the information about the book, and it will explain everything about how to order the book. Mostly it will explain how to order the book;
one copy shipped priority
one copy shipped media
one copy + one copy of my air book priority
one copy + one copy of my air book media

For larger orders we will be asking you to notify us what you want and we will give you the amount, based on the lowest shipping cost we can find.

Over the years we have sold thousands of dollars of ECO parts, but we have never padded the shipping cost, it is just not our nature.

While this borders over to being a business, we (Cindy and I) treat this a a hobby.

Jack & Cindy Sim

Author, 1st & 2nd editions of Gas Pump ID book, 3rd edition is now available at www.gaspumpbible.com
Air Meter ID book also available