Before work today, I went next door to get an oil change. This garage has been in business since 1955 and the owner collects oil cans. I had a chance to talk to him. Some are Havoline, but he had some Quaker State cans, an Esso, and a really old can which was for a brand I didn't recognize. He also had a bunch of toy Texaco trucks as well as some other goodies.

For the longest time it was Texaco, but that company stopped retailing in the Northeast; except at marinas. Shell took over but they wanted him to convert into a 24 hour convenience store. He said no thanks and went with Citgo. But some folks weren't happy with that company's association with Chavez and the Venezuelan government. He actually got hate mail (And this is in New England where the Citgo sign outside of Fenway is an icon.) So he went on to sell unbranded gasoline until he took out the pumps a couple of years ago. He said that was one of the best business decisions he's made.

This isn't worth another thread, I think, so I'll just add it here.