I have been slowly taking some of the overflow of my collection into my new dream garage that was built over 1 1/2 years in 2016 - 2017. The build took quite awhile to get it right but was well worth the effort. I acquired the latest oak showcase in April. This last week while on holidays I found some time to clean and refinish it. I was planning to put Imperial globes in its lower area but the 16 1/2" steel bodied ones are an inch too tall to fit. I can only fit a shorter one piece globe. The shelf brackets are homemade and not adjustable so the globes will have to go somewhere else. I want to keep all my Imperial collection together so I still have two other full showcases to move in. The collection in the house is just too full and I don't want to repeat that mistake in the garage. So the move is just a gradual one with no deadline nor set plans. It is more of a process to find out what works best in the space that I have. It is a great place to work and play in. Cheers, Don.