Original Model 25 "ECO Automatic Tire Inflator” (wall type). Looks like it was installed inside, appears to be original paint, “AIR” lettering is still visible on the side. A few scuffs show bright red under 80 or 90 years of garage grime.
Has a little water fading on the face and light surface rust on the inside top, think it was stored upside down in a leaky attic for a few years. Crank moves easily and the indicator rotates as it should overall very clean.
Think it would be difficult to find another unrestored one like this. I’m told Jack Sims guide had a value of 3500 on this model in 2008.
$4900- local pickup or I can bring it to Hershey on October. (I'll be there tues-fri)
I can email more pics.