I am curious how to tell apart the Martin & Schwartz 80 pump from the Wayne 80 pump, other than seeing the manufacturer's plate in person. Does the face plate give it away? I have Jack Sim's pump bible (recent edition #3 as well as edition #1) and it seems that the M&S 80 has a round black background on the face plate (see first photo attached) and the Wayne 80 has black rectangular box backgrounds (see second photo). I understand that when Wayne purchased Martin & Schwartz in 1951 they simply moved the M&S manufacturing equipment to their facilities and continued production of the newly named Wayne 80 right away. I have the book "125 years of Wayne" but they don't address this issue in the book.

The M&S 80 face plate also has the "M&S" logo at the top, while the Wayne face plates seem to have (in tiny letters....not readable in this specific attachment) "Wayne" at the bottom. I suspect that for restoration purposes, the face plates are identical in size and shape such that either face plate could be used on either original pump, right?

So - for original pumps - is the face plate a reliable distinction between these two pumps? Thanks.


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