Well the third showcase is nearing completion with just the mirrored back doors to finish. It is now upstairs and filled with the last of my Imperial 3-star and later Esso items. It has taken quite awhile to rebuild. When I purchased it a few months ago the top bevelled glass was broken, the front 6 foot long glass had two major cracks in it, and when taking the glass out I found the two front wooden corner posts were busted and needed replacing. I later decided to change the front glass design to two shorter more manageable pieces. Creating the three front wooden uprights, which are made up of three pieces each, took some time to get right but I finally got there. I wasn't sure if the Esso and the Imperial globes were of the same vintage until yesterday when I looked in a Imperial dealer Christmas give-away booklet which has a 1938 calendar in it and has an advertisement with both globes. So a neat discovery that they belong together. Cheers, Don.

IMG_8293.JPG IMG_8296.JPG IMG_8305.JPG IMG_8310.JPG
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