I haven't had a chance to move any more showcases in the garage yet, but it will happen in the near future. The present difficulty was what to do with all the can racks that I brought upstairs. They take up a lot of floor space and can be awkward to display properly. So my solution was reverse logic: whatever goes down must go up. I spent the weekend building a couple of 12 foot long shelves and attaching them to my tall wall. It worked out well for this group though there may be some moved around later on. I know if had just built a lot of narrow shelves and placed the cans side by side I could put up a lot more. However to me the racks give the cans more context in groups especially when you have the original signs to go with them. The only downside is that this is just half of the racks that I want to move in and this is my only big wall. So another problem now to solve. Cheers, Don.

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