Hi and greetings from the frozen North. I was an active sign collector in the early 1980's dragging stuff home from the Portland and Spokane swap meets for 20+ years. I put things on hold for a long time for family and business reasons but as I am now semi retired, I am excited to be getting back into this wonderful hobby (and was very happy to discover this site). Back in the pre-internet days, it was harder to find out info about a lot of the signs and companies so I am hoping that some of the site members can help fill in some of the info gaps I have in regards to my collection.
One of the problems of being located in Canada at that time was that there was very little knowledge about Flying A stuff in general. I have posted 2 pictures of a sign I bought back in Portland in 1986. It is SST and at the time I believed it to be NOS as it was still in its original shipping wrapper (there are still a few mounting holes that are covered with paint). As I recall, there is 2 written labels on the back indicating Tidewater Oil Co, Lakeview, Oregon. The sign measures 11" high by 103" in width. The Flying A symbol is a reflective decal. I have never seen another one (or a picture of one) and would appreciate any info the members could provide. As well, it has been hanging on the wall since the early 1990's and I would appreciate any tips on proper cleaning so as not to damage it. Thanks very much!!

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