Hello Everyone! Thanks to my brother Konnor for helping me out last month... I have been very busy! This month the pump of the month is the Wayne Roman Column or Greek Column gas pump! These pumps have a sweet art deco design... literally look like a greek column from Greece. These are very desirable pumps. It is definitely one on my bucketlist!!

-Wayne 490: 1923-24. Original cost was $169. Greek Column, 10 gallon with a different top than the others.
-Wayne 491: 1923, $169 cost. 10 gallon air operated and hand operated versions.
-Wayne 491-F: 5 gallon version of the 491.
-Wayne 492: 1923. $215 cost originally. Hand crank.
-Wayne 492-F was a 5 gallon version of the 492.

I hope everyone can share their information and pictures about these awesome pumps! Here's to a great July!

Wayne Mod-490.jpg

Braden Splichal