Hershey is coming up soon and I wanted to point out a change that affects us and others in the southeast corner of the Red Field (between the football stadium and old hockey arena).
Hersheypark will be utilizing that area for construction/construction equipment. Vendors in that section were told they would be moved elsewhere in the swapmeet for 2019.
It looks like we will be assigned to the roadway in front of Chocolate World, where motor coaches usually park. When I get the space numbers I will post them here.
I do not know where my neighbors (fellow oldgassers, petroliana dealers, and "race car" row) will be assigned. Most likely everyone will be scattered around the various fields depending on how many spaces they had/need.

Looking for photos, etc from 60s era Shell-A-Rama gas station and Pal's Diner, Rt. 17 Mahwah, NJ
& US or state highway signs, shields, route markers