I really don't want to beat a dead horse, but I had to voice my side of a story.
Or opinion if you will.
I recently came across a Wayne 50 showcase pump.
So I purchased it. I had no intention of keeping it for a collection.
I have had five messages or emails leaning towards "condemning" me for being a "picker" and not wanting to pass it on without making a profit.
One guy said, "We don't need pickers in this hobby, we need collectors".
I simply asked him if he EVER went to swap meets. He has not answered me.
So this is MY reason for picking.
Up until about seven years ago I was a SERIOUS collector.
I had two strokes and that changed my life.
I sold everything except what my son wanted.
I love the Petroliana hobby. I love the people I meet, the friends I have made and the places my travels have taken me.
I love the hunt.
So I buy and sell and restore for others who love Petroliana.
I guess if that makes me a "picker", so be it.
If you don't get excited about finding something like a Wayne 50 Showcase pump, you are in the wrong hobby.
I hope the next owner will enjoy owning it as much as I did finding it.
I am just glad to see young people getting into the hobby.

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