I am finally at the point in my Bowser 585 restoration that I was ready to install ad glass. I started the restoration with 2 partial pumps, neither of which had ad glass in them (nor the retention hardware). When I examined the two bolt-down side brackets and the bottom channel, it was not clear how to install so the ad glass wouldn't eventually fall to the floor. So I did a search and found a thread on this forum on the topic, but due to lack of photos, it did not answer my concerns. The first photo shows the first installation option - if the little tabs on the side bracket are filed down, the channel will go over the tab and bolting down the side brackets will hold the channel in place - but, for how long? The second picture shows the second installation option - the channel resting on the top of the tabs - but what keeps the channel from sliding side to side until it and the ad glass crash to the floor? The third picture shows the solution I went with - a bit of safety wire on one of the channel ends to secure it to the tab. Perhaps this is a belt and suspenders solution. What have others done or your opinion on this?

ad glass 1 r.jpg
ad glass 1

ad glass 2 r.jpg
ad glass 2

ad glass 3.JPG
ad glass 3